Selected Poems:

Adroit Journal: "Asmar", "Passing" 

Apogee: "Clean Slate"

Baffler: "Song" 

Barrow Street: "Self-Portrait in Black and White"

Callaloo:  "Trying to Live" 

iO: A Journal of New American Poetry:  "Tippu Tip on His Deathbed in Stone Town"
Literary Hub: "Wanting to be White"

Manhattanville Review: "Homosexuality"

New Republic: “Gnawa Boy, Marrakesh, 1968"

Phantom Books: “Into Each Room We Enter without Knowing" 

Poetry International: "Haratin Girl, Marrakesh, 1968" 

Prairie Schooner: “Eunuch"
                               “The Most Opaque Sands Make for the Clearest Glass"

Selected Translations:

Circumference: Poetry in Translation: “Tsunami.” Donata Berra.
                                                                   “[Open the door to that stranger]." Donata Berra. 
                                                                   “Questions.” Donata Berra.
                                                                   “In the Harbor.” Donata Berra. 

A Public Space: “[We clutch at our names].” Gëzim Hajdari.
                            “[I sing my present body].” Gëzim Hajdari. 

RHINO Poetry:  “[We escape again into our bodies]." Gëzim Hajdari.